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Wrap It Up for Chanukah!

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Posted on 2007-10-19

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You can have fun making art by designing your own wrapping paper and gift containers for Chanukah. If you recycle paper to do this, you'll help save natural resources and landfill space, too.

Materials & Tools

scrap paper
newsprint end rolls
brown sacks
shredded paper
computer print outs
oatmeal box
empty box like a tea bag box

Decorating tools/supplies such as:
colored pencils, oil pastels, crayons,
acrylic paints, poster paints, watercolors
markers, ink pens, rubber stamps and ink pads
glue stick
rice or kosher salt
paint brushes and small pans
construction paper scraps


You can use many papers without decorating them at all. Department and specialty stores often sack merchandise in bags printed in beautiful designs. Wrap small gifts in pages from a wallpaper sample book. Think creatively! Wrap a travel book in an old map, for example.

A print shop is a good source of clean, preconsumer waste paper. Ask the printer to save sheets of leftover paper for you. Your local newspaper publisher will sell or give you end rolls of plain newsprint. The following are ways you can hand decorate paper and containers for wrapping gifts for each night of Chanukah.

First Night
Oodles of Doodles

Using ink or a marker, make loops and squiggly lines all over a piece of scrap paper, newsprint, or preconsumer waste paper. Choose symbols, such as a menorah or a dreidel, and draw them inside the loops. Add other Chanukah icons, and fill the page with the symbols. Color some of the designs with markers or crayons.

Second Night
Wet-in-wet Watercolor

Tape a piece of absorbent paper to a piece of foam board or formica. Soak the paper by brushing or sponging water onto it. Using watercolor, choose either cool colors (blues, greens, and purples) or warm colors (reds, yellows, and oranges) to paint an abstract design. Add interest to your painting by sprinkling rice or kosher salt into the puddles here and there. When it's dry, brush off the rice or salt.

Third Night
Resist Painting

Using white paper and crayons or oil pastels, draw a picture or fill the page with Chanukah symbols. Leave some of the paper untouched. Color the symbols heavily. Wet the entire page with a sponge, and paint watercolor over everything.

Fourth Night
String Painting

Dip all but two inches of a fourteen-inch length of string into acrylic, poster paint, ink, or watercolor. Lay it across a piece of paper, leaving the "clean" part hang over the edge. Place another paper on top of the first one, and holding your hand on top of the paper and string, pull the string back and forth and then out. Repeat with other colors, if you wish. Be sure to use a clean string for each new color!

Fifth Night
Rubber Stamping

Rubber stamps are available in many different designs. Find some with Chanukah symbols like the menorah or the dreidel. Before stamping, decide if you want an overall pattern or one which is more formal. When you have a plan in mind, stamp away on newsprint or other piece of paper. If you wish, use markers or colored pencils to color the designs when they're dry.

Sixth Night
Gift Bags

You can make containers like these animal bags, too. Cut off the corners to curve the top of a plain, brown bag. Fold it over about three inches to form the face. Use construction paper scraps to create the animal's features, and glue them to the bag. Fill the container with shredded paper. Place your gift inside, and fold down the top.

Seventh Night
Boxes and Tubes

Empty boxes and tubes make great containers for gifts. Use a glue stick to fasten a paper covering to an oatmeal box. The container can be reused as a gift box or for another purpose. Place a small gift inside a paper towel tube or a section of a gift wrap tube. Wrap with tissue paper and tie the ends with ribbons or curled paper.

Eighth Night
Make New Boxes

Carefully take apart small paper cartons, like the boxes in which tea bags or aspirin are packaged. Many of them are white and plain inside. Decorate and then glue them back together with your design on the outside. Line them with tissue or shredded paper. Also, study how boxes are folded and constructed, and use them as patterns to make more boxes.



I love designing my own wraps. Thanks or sharing great designs in creating wonderful wraps.

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Sheryl on 2010-11-04

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