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Craft Project: Mosaic Heart

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Posted on 2009-01-22

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Craft Project: Mosaic Heart 4884 views
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The perfect craft for children of all ages, as you can help them as much - or as little - as needed.

Materials & Tools

poster board or card stock
construction paper
old magazines or catalogs
glue stick


Trace a large heart (approximately 10- to 11-inches tall) on a piece of card stock or poster board. Cut out the heart. Divide the heart into four equal sections with a pencil.

Find pictures in the magazines and cut them into small squares. Select images that are mostly or entirely graphic. Headlines and other words will not work as well.

Cut each picture into 1-inch strips, then cut those strips into 1-inch squares. Divide the squares into five piles according to the dominant color, with at least one pile of red. Set the red squares aside.

Using the glue stick, begin applying the squares in a tile mosaic pattern (one right next to the other) in each of the quartered sections. Use a different dominant color for each section. Complete all four sections, then mount the heart onto a square piece of poster board. To finish the mosaic-effect, frame the heart with the red set of squares.



omg this is so cute! i love it, i'm using it this valentine's day for my boyfriend <3
susan on 2009-01-30

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