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Craft Project: Felt Christmas Tree

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Posted on 2008-12-05

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Craft Project: Felt Christmas Tree 10644 views
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This craft is perfect for children, ages 5 and up, to make together with mom or dad.

Materials & Tools

Styrofoam cone
Green felt
Sticker jewels
Gold sequins
Hot glue gun
Chenille pipe cleaners or stems in various colors


1. Lay out the felt.

2. Put glue all the way around the cone (this is a job for an adult).

3. Working quickly before the glue dries, roll the felt around the cone, covering all but the bottom. Leave a half-inch overlap at the bottom of the cone and cut slits into it. Glue the flaps onto the bottom of the cone.

4. Wrap the chenille pipe cleaners around the cone to form garlands.

5. Remove the paper backing from the sticker jewels and place them around the tree to form ornaments.

6. Glue the gold sequin on to the top of the tree as the tree topper.



Great craft ideas, but it would be better to include photos.
M.Wac. on 2009-12-18
It would be great to see what it is.
Pictures please.
Hope Z. on 2009-12-20
This is a great craft idea , I have my grandchildren every weekend and this would be a very creative thinking for them all!
victoria on 2010-10-28

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