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No Sew Costume: Paradox/Pair a Docs (kids)

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Posted on 2008-10-08

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Materials & Tools

Pipe Cleaners


This is a great ironic idea for two of your older kids. Suggest that they dress in scrubs, which you can usually borrow if you don't already have at home. Make them a little stethoscope out of pipe cleaners � or raid your younger children's toy box.

Just be sure that they stick together as a pair, so when people ask them what they are dressed as, they can answer, in unison: "A Paradox [Pair a docs]!"

Author Comments

Inexpensive and simple no-sew costumes that anyone can make with the supplies you probably have lying around your house already. It's easy and it's fun - and no matter how it turns out, you can be proud of your efforts!




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