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No Sew Costume: Flower Garden (kids)

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Posted on 2008-10-08

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No Sew Costume: Flower Garden (kids) 8019 views
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Materials & Tools

Posterboard, Assorted Colors
Hot Glue Gun
(green turtleneck, green leggings)


Cut out large flower petals from different colored sheets of posterboard.

Using a hot glue gun, attach them to a dime store headband.

Then cut out large leaves from green posterboard. Pin them to your child's clothing - preferably green leggings and a green turtleneck.

You can dress up all your children as different flowers, and then you or your spouse can go as their gardener.
Just don some gardening gloves and work clothes, and carry a watering can. What a cute way to watch your garden grow!

Author Comments

Inexpensive and simple no-sew costumes that anyone can make with the supplies you probably have lying around your house already. It's easy and it's fun - and no matter how it turns out, you can be proud of your efforts!




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