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Make a Halloween Luminary

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Posted on 2007-10-13

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Make a Halloween Luminary

Materials & Tools

Metal can
Throw rug
Masking tape
Rubber bands


It's possible to make a luminary from any kind of heavy, metal can, but use a smooth one to allow you to do more with the design. In addition, select a paper-wrapped container, so that the imprinting found on some metal cans will not detract from your work.

The luminary is made by tapping holes into the sides of the can with a hammer and nail. If you wish, plan a design with paper and pencil, and follow it as you make the lantern. It's also possible to create the luminary as you go by just piercing it along the edges and making simple patterns.

To start, rinse the empty food can and remove the paper label. If there are any sharp edges left on the inside, hammer them flat.

Fill the can with cold water, leaving at least 1.5" to 2" of space at the top. Place it in the freezer. Allowing room at the top is necessary, because the water will expand as it freezes. This can cause the bottom to bulge, making it unusable as a luminary. Leave the can in the freezer until it's solid.

Remove the can, and use rubber bands to hold the plan in place or tape your drawing to the container.

Place it on some form of cushioning such as an old throw rug or pillow.

Use the hammer and nail to tap holes into the can and ice. Simply follow the lines, leaving spaces between the holes. Or, if you wish, make up the design as you go.

When finished, allow the ice to melt and empty the can.

Place a votive candle in the bottom, and have an adult help light it. Never use candles without adult supervision.

Tips and Tricks:
Vary your designs or motifs according to the holiday you're celebrating. Pick simple shapes such as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, stars for the 4th of July and Christmas.

Author Comments

Marilyn's Imagination Factory
1999 Marilyn J. Brackney



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