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Craft Project: Hobby Picture Frame

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Posted on 2008-05-15

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Craft Project: Hobby Picture Frame 9284 views
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Every Dad has a favorite hobby. To celebrate the activities that Dad loves the most, try your hand at this cute and personalized picture frame.

Materials & Tools

Paper towel tubes
Construction paper
Card stock
Two-sided tape
Craft knife
Markers or paints
Craft foam, optional
Frame-worthy picture


Cover two cardboard paper towel tubes with construction paper, using the double-sided tape. Trace your picture on a piece of cardstock. Using a ruler or other straight-edge, trace a second line that is 1-inch larger around than the picture. Cut out the card stock along the second line and glue or tape the picture in the middle.

Using a craft knife (this is a job for mom), make two vertical slits in the paper towel tubes that are long enough for the card stock frame to slip into.

Using craft foam or construction paper, cut out shapes that represent Dad's favorite hobby and glue them onto the paper. For ideas, check clip art galleries. You can even print out samples and use them as a cutting guide.

On the bottom of the frame, write in markers (another good job for mom, if little one's handwriting isn't very steady) "World's Greatest Golfer/Fisherman/Gardener/etc."



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