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Craft Project: Barbeque Chef's Apron

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Posted on 2008-05-15

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Craft Project: Barbeque Chef's Apron 8626 views
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Is Dad the grill master at your house? Then he probably needs a chef's apron to keep his clothing splatter-free while he's flipping his famous burgers.

Materials & Tools

Canvas apron (washed ahead of time)
Fabric paints & brushes or dye crayons
Newspaper to protect your work surface


Cover your work surface and follow the instructions on your paints or crayons. As a rule, fabric paints need to dry for at least 24 hours; dye crayons can be sealed and set with a hot iron and do not require drying time.

Use sponges or stencils to crate your artwork - or work freehand. For really little ones, handprints are a great way to create a memorable masterpiece.

Author Comments

Note: You can find blank aprons at stores like JoAnn.com and HobbyLobby.com.



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