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Craft Project: Father's Day Crown

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Posted on 2008-05-15

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Craft Project: Father's Day Crown 11837 views
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Make Dad feel like royalty this Father's Day with an easy and fun crown-making craft project.

Materials & Tools

Two 8" x 11" sheets of cardstock
Double sided tape
Aluminum foil
Various colored scraps of construction paper
Glitter glue
Foam sticker letters


Ask Mom for help guestimating Dad's head circumference (or measure the inside of one of his hats). Trace a crown pattern onto the cardstock, using both sheets if necessary (taped together). Cut out the cardstock and cover with aluminum foil, using double-sided tape.

Using the construction paper, cut out shapes to represent jewels and glue them onto your crown. Spell out the words "King" or "King Dad" from the foam letters and stick them onto the center of the crown. Apply the glitter glue around the edges of your crown for added sparkle. Let the glue dry completely (at least 2 hours) and then bring together the two sides to form the crown shape. Staple together with the pointy sides of the staples facing out so they don't pull Dad's hair.


Fathers Royal Crown
Leah on 2008-06-11
this is a good gift which is is very royal
anjelica on 2009-05-10
Dads need to know how special they are to the children even if the crown isn't the right size it should make the Dad's realize how important they are to their children.
Preschoolers from 2 on up can participate in this craft. We are using this as some thing extra for our Dads! Try it & let the kids be creative with glitter & foam stick ons if you want rather than the aluminum foil... Give them a variety of choices and let it be their creation...
Sheryl Jackson on 2009-06-18

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