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Afikomen Bag

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Posted on 2008-04-07

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Afikomen Bag 7949 views
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Materials & Tools

Fabric gift bag
Craft glue
Glitter pens
Small silk flowers
Large, colored napkin
Piece of newspaper


Buy fabric gift bags measuring at least 5x8 inches. You can find them at dollar stores or party good stores.

Fold the piece of newspaper and place it inside the bag so that the front and back of your bag don't accidentally get glued together when you are decorating.

Attach the silk flowers to your bag with craft glue. Allow the flowers to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Decorate the rest of your bag with glitter pens.

When the glitter has fully dried, take out the newspaper. Inside, place a brightly colored napkin, which the seder leader will use to wrap up the matzah before putting it in the afikomen bag.

For an even easier afikomen bag, use a brown paper lunch sack and decorate it with stickers, magic markers or glitter pens.

Author Comments

Appropriate age: 3 years+

The afikomen is a half-piece of matzah hidden by the seder leader. At the end of the festive meal, all of the children search for it. The child who finds the afikomen gets a prize - and most seder hosts also offer at least a consolation prize to the rest of the children. The afikomen is then eaten as the final "dessert", after which the seder concludes with special blessings and songs.



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