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Seder Plate

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Posted on 2008-04-07

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Materials & Tools

One large, sturdy paper plate
Five paper muffin cups
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
White craft glue
Black permanent marker


Paint your plate and the inside of the muffin cups and set it aside to dry.

Have an adult faintly write Seder Plate or Pesach in the center of the plate. Use the glue bottle to trace the letters and then sprinkle with sparkles. Let the sparkles set for a few minutes and then dust of any extra.

Have older children or an adult use the black marker to write the names of the Passover symbols inside each muffin cup. Then glue the cups around the perimeter of the plate using a small dab of white craft glue.

Author Comments

Appropriate age: 4 years+

The center piece of every seder table, the seder plate has sections for each of Passover's five symbolic foods:
Bitter herbs



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