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Matzah Cover

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Posted on 2008-04-07

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Materials & Tools

4 square pieces of solid color felt, at least 9x9 inches
Fabric paint or permanent markers
Sequins, jewels, bits of ribbon or buttons for decoration
Glue gun
Large-eyed needle and embroidery floss for sewing (optional)


Give your child one of the felt squares to decorate (if you have more than one child, you will need 4 squares per child.) Let the square dry thoroughly overnight.

Stack the four squares on top of each, with the decorated one on top. Using a glue gun or loop stitch, connect three of the four sides. Leave the forth side open, so the leader can slip the matzah inside.

Author Comments

Appropriate age: 2.5 years+

In addition to the seder plate, every seder table is set with a plate of matzah that is covered with an ornate cover used just for Passover.


I suggest you use washable cloth instead of felt. Not only can you not wash felt in the washing machine, but also small pieces of broken matzo will stick to the felt.
Stef on 2011-04-05

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