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Craft Project: Little Lamb

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Posted on 2008-03-05

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Craft Project: Little Lamb 11082 views
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This project utilizes recyclable items that you probably already have at home to make a sweet wooly lamb.

Materials & Tools

Cardboard tube
Cotton balls
Black construction paper
2 black pipe cleaners
2 pieces of scrap printer paper
small square of white or black felt
2 googly eyes


Ball up the scrap paper and stuff it inside the tube. This will give your tube some stiffness, making it easier to work with, especially for little hands.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the cardboard and twist to affix. Separate the two ends and spread them out to either side of the bottom of the tube. These are your lambís legs.

Dip cotton balls into glue and stick on to the tube. Alternatively, you can paint sections of the tube with glue and have your child affix dry cotton balls to the glued sections.

Cut out a small triangle or curly-q (a spiraled circle) from black construction paper and affix to the back of the tube for a tail.

Tuck the small square of felt into the front end of the tube, wrapping it around the scrap paper and securing it in place with glue. This is your sheepís face. Once the glue has completely dried, attach the googly eyes.

Cut out two small triangles from black construction paper to make the ears and glue then in place amidst the cotton balls.



This is a really neat craft for my preschooler and her class! Thanks!
Rachelle Snyder on 2008-03-18

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