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Craft Project: Bunny Easter Basket

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Posted on 2008-03-05

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Craft Project: Bunny Easter Basket 21630 views
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Every little hunter needs a place to stash his eggy loot. Try this fun craft activity to make your own Bunny Basket before the hunting commences.

Materials & Tools

Clean half-gallon milk or juice carton - ask each guest to bring one from home
construction paper
glue gun or double-sided tape
pipe cleaners
googly eyes


Ask the parents to help out by cutting out the long side of the carton below the open spout. Save this panel to use for making a handle. Then staple the open spout closed.

Now, involve the kids according to their age and skill level. Using glue or double-sided tape, cover the sides of the carton with yellow, pink or brown construction paper. Now you have the body of your bunny.

Next glue on a large pair of googly eyes above the ridge of the spout and affix a black pipe cleaner for whiskers in the center of the spout.

Cut out two triangular-shaped ears and staple them to the top of the bunny face.

To make the handle, cut a one-inch strip out of the remaining carton panel and cover it in the same color construction paper as the body. Now loop the strip from one side of the bunny body to the other and staple firmly.



Sound like a cute idea-- a picture is worth a thousand words- love to see one of completed bunny basket. Keep up the good work.

mary westra on 2008-03-23

MONICA on 2009-02-09
Really would like to see a picture!
Wendy on 2009-03-22
you really need to think about making one of these bunny baskets and taking a picture it would be really helpful!

Someone on 2009-03-23
NEED TO PUT A PICTURE ON IT or other wise we don't know what it is going to look like ok so you NEED TO PICTURE ON IT
any one on 2009-04-02
sounds really nice and easy for the kids i would like to see what it looks like.thanks
carolyn browne on 2009-04-07
i would like to see a picture of the basket before i start to waste my printer ink on something thats not what i like or want!
chelsea on 2010-03-30
for me and some other children probly think it is hard to do
ciara cassidy on 2010-03-29
show project in picture also picture instruing also wrie like you are for materials needed differant need shop picture of craft projects
debbie bailey on 2010-03-23

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