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Craft Project: The Secret Valentine

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Posted on 2008-01-23

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Craft Project: The Secret Valentine 7171 views
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Send a Secret Valentine to some special. Make this Secret Valentine by recycling the letters found in magazine articles and advertisements.

Materials & Tools

Construction paper (at least 9"x12")
Glue stick
Markers or colored pencils


Look through magazines to find colorful, interesting type styles. Begin by cutting out whole words. Then cut out each letter separately, being careful to leave some of the background color attached. Keep the letters organized by filing like letters together. There's no need to separate capitals from lower case letters, however. Mixing letters is part of the charm of making a ransom-style card.

After you've collected a good supply of letters, it's time to make your valentine. Fold the construction paper in half. You can illustrate or draw a picture on part of your card, or the lettering can appear on both the outside and inside of the valentine. Write your message or verse on a scrap of paper, and begin looking for the letters you'll need. When you've assembled the letters, arrange them on your card, and glue them in place. Happy Valentine's Day.

Author Comments

Have you ever wanted to disguise your handwriting so that you could send an anonymous or secret valentine to someone? You won't have to write a word if you make this ransom-style card. Magazines are full of interesting type styles and letters. Usually they appear as article titles, but some of the best ones are used in advertisements. You can help save landfill space and natural resources by recycling to make a Secret Valentine.

source: The Imagination Factory
1997-2008 Marilyn J. Brackney




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