Sock Monkey

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Posted on 2007-10-12

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Materials & Tools

pair of socks
sewing machine
buttons (just two for the eyes)
needle and thread


We start by making the body and legs of the monkey. First, turn one of the socks inside out and flatten it so that the heel is centered (as in the picture above). Use your pen and straight edge to draw a line down the center of the leg.

You're going to sew alongside this to create the monkey's legs, starting about an inch or so from the heel (his bum). In my case, I'm going to start sewing at the first dark brown stripe below the heel. I've already put pins along the sides to hold the sock together. (This is particularly useful when you've got a design like stripes that'll look bad if it doesn't line up somewhat.)


I want one!
Mikael on 2007-10-12

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